1. In case of payment default, the member will bear any reminder and debt collection costs incurred, in particular the agreed costs and customary rates invoiced by debt collection agencies. Default interest of 8% p.a. will be charged in case of default.
  2. The membership fee is index-linked. Indexation is calculated on the basis of the consumer price index published monthly by Statistics Austria (reference year: 2020). The reference value is the index for the month in which the contract is concluded. The membership fee may be changed at any time, irrespective of the indexation agreement.
  3. TWF reserves the right to change the agreed membership fee annually by a maximum of +/-3% in addition to any adjustment based on the consumer price index.
  4. If the member is more than two weeks in arrears with payment of monthly fees, TWF is entitled, with immediate effect, to prohibit the member concerned from entering the premises and using the facilities until the outstanding amount is paid in full.
  5. Monthly fees must also be paid during periods in which services of TWF are not used.




  1. Either party may terminate the contract in writing with effect from the last day of any given month, subject to one month’s notice.
  2. If the member is more than two weeks in arrears with payment of monthly fees, or if membership is transferred without TWF’s written consent, TWF is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect, without observing a notice period or a specific termination date.
  3. In the event of a breach of the house rules, sauna rules or parking regulations, and, in particular, breach of this contract, or if the instructions of TWF employees are repeatedly ignored, TWF is likewise entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect.




TWF will only be liable in cases of gross negligence or wilful intent. Otherwise, the General Terms and Conditions as published will apply.




Information on data protection can be found in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) information sheet available at reception.




  1. Compensation will not be paid for closures of up to three days per year due to public holidays, e.g. at Christmas and New Year. This also applies to closures of up to an additional seven days per year for operational reasons due to renovations, cleaning and repairs.
  2. Therme Wien Fitness membership is personal, cannot be shared or transferred, and can only be used with the permanent chip provided. In case of loss of the chip, a fee of EUR 25 will be applied for a replacement. A handling fee of EUR 10 will be applied for issue of a replacement chip for a single day.
  3. Value added tax of 20% is charged on fitness services, and of 13% on spa services. Application of these two rates together gives rise to a composite rate.
  4. Members may only use the Therme Wien Fitness car park for the duration of their visit to Therme Wien Fitness.
  5. The member agrees to comply with the house rules, sauna rules and parking regulations as amended.